Máy nén dạng đứng HSM V-Press 825 plus

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Máy nén dạng đứng HSM V-Press 825 plus

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Máy nén dạng đứng HSM V-Press 825 plus

Thông số kỹ thuật:

Pressing power: 250 kN

Loading aperture width: 47.05 in

Loading aperture height: 20.87 in

Bale width: 30.71 in

Bale height (up to): 27.56 in

Bale weight, depending on material (up to): ca. 280 lb

Cycle time when idling vacío: 39 s

Driving power: 4 kW

Voltage: 400 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Width x Height x Depth: 66.93 x 93.31 x 41.18 in

Weight: 2343.49 lb

Number of strappings: 4

Strapping material: Polyester tape

Industry type: Industry and Manufacturing, Print and Packaging, Logistics and Distribution, Retail

Press material: Plastic film, Punch waste/residue, Mixed paper, Cardboard

Volume throughput clothing (theor.): 1929.04 lb/h

Volume throughput foil (theor.): 308.65 lb/h

Volume throughput cardboard (theor.): 308.65 lb/h

Volume throughput mixed paper (theor.): 462.97 lb/h

Volume throughput punche waste (theor.): 462.97 lb/h

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